Hollywood Flowcharts

Our next task was to create a flowchart to show the growth of Hollywood from the 1990s to the presetn day. We had to carry out research on the interent and as part of our homework task. We were learning how to read for information, present information in an eye catching and informative way and how to communicate in a team and share the workload.



This term Primary 7 have been working on a very special topic called ‘The Very Important Bear”. A special package arrived in our classroom containing two out-of-work actor, looking for their big break in Hollywood and asking Primary 7 for their help.

We decided to help them and so embarked upon a fantastic fact finding mission to re-discover Hollywood and how the movie industry has changed over the last 100 years. This would help us to create our very own movies starring ‘Huggy Bear’ and ‘Fuzz Hippo’.