Model Madness!

Now that we have a Rainforest in our school we needed some animals! So we worked in pairs to plan how we could make a realistic 3D model of a Rainforest animal. It was very tricky but we managed it in the end. We then hid our Animals around our classroom.  Next to our animals we now have an information sheet telling visitors all about that particular kind of animal. Do you like them? What is your favourite Rainforest animal?

French Fashion Show

To help our french we organised a french fashion show it was great fun ! – because we got to strut our stuff after we overcame our fears. It was funny because the whole class were wearing funny clothes such as boys wearing dresses whilst the girls wore tu-tus. We loved the french fashion show xx!

By Gemma and Kelsie

Constructing a Waterfall

The waterfall was made out of paper mache as the rocks , strips of tissue paper as the blue water , cardboard boxes to make it look 3D and bubbles at the bottom.

The waterfall group enjoyed making it because it was a messy job and it was also very fun, it also got us out of work a couple of times but that didnt really matter!

The hardiest part of the waterfall was painting the rocks as it was not easy to get into the cracks and dips and also they were still parts of it that had not dried properly.

The whole class admired the waterfall  as it looked so realistic , they liked it becase it was 3D and it  looked real !

By Dylan R and Nicole S